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Going Green Shrinks Men (and manhood)

Is Is This Really What We Want?

Can you really drive this car and not be ashamed of yourself? Are you really OK with liberals telling you to drive cars like this?

Meanwhile, Germany is teaming up with Daimler and its electric company for an E-Car test project using the exact same car.

What is not told, despite being able to go up to 70mph (without wind and downhill), is how far it can go before needing to recharge and how much will it cost to purchase and power these cars?

Meanwhile, the Federal Transportation Trust Fund is running out of money fast. Why you ask? (you may even ask what the heck it is, look here)

Why? Because people are driving, traveling and transporting less and less due to the high cost of travel. This reduction in travel means fewer gallons of fuel purchased. This means fewer fuel taxes sent to the government coffers.

With the Trust Fund running out of money this month, and the director calling for $8billion to restore the fund to normalized levels, one wonders where this money is going to come from. I mean, we need the money to bail out banks, mortgage companies and stupid idiot home owners who dove head-first into loans that became too big for their pocket books.

Here in Oklahoma, our major cross-town projects to rebuild the state highway running through central Oklahoma City may have to be put on hold. Even the repair work on the old and decrepid cross town bridge may have to be stopped, leaving huge holes unrepaired, due to the loss of the Trust Fund.

For example, when asked why 85-90% of Oklahoma's construction funds come from the feds, state Rep Morrisette stated, "Its been this way for years, forever." Meanwhile, a group called Restore T.R.U.S.T, is asking asked Congress and the state legislature to re-fund the Transportation Trust Fund. Fortunately we have billions of dollars just laying around lately. So, where do you think the money is going to come from? If the "greens" want to eliminate the burning of petroleum fuel, then who is going to fund the Transportation Trust Fund? That fund is funded by the purchased fuel. Can you say, "spank you very much"?

Sure, you can drive green, but you won't be able to drive anywhere because either higher taxes will prevent you from being able to afford a green car, or you won't be able to drive anywhere because there won't be any roads.

Speaking of the bailout, what was this really about? Nothing but "the nationalisation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac". Meanwhile, people in the government are now talking about bailing out the Big 3 automakers. Is this really what we want?

[Update 1: Sorry, first posting of this article messed up and multiplied all over Brian's system like a virus. Deleted those multiple blogs entries and reposted.]

[Update 2: As has been pointed out to me, the reason to go from regular petroleum based cars is to reduce the need for petroleum. Right? Well, what will be used to fulfill all of this additional demand for electricity? AIR?!?!? ]


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