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Community Organizer, Korean-Style!

Have a look at this picture, which my mortal enemies must surely be using as a way of suggesting that your "average" Korean opposes George Bush's America.

Notice how all of the signs have a sticker on them that say "spark?"

Read here for details on what that's all about.

Is the Associated Press being dishonest in presenting the views of a carefully-orchestrated protest as those of mainstream Korea? Or could it really be that man-handled, completely press-staged photo-op protests are just as valid as those expressing any other viewpoint?

If that's the case, I reckon a bus or so full of pro-Bush demonstrators would get equal front-page coverage.... right?



#1 captainfish 09-Sep-2008
[i]SPARK is working to replace the unequal Korea-U.S. reelationship [sic] with a relationship based on equality. [/ii]

wow, huh? what does that even mean? Do they want us to treat SKorea just like we do NKorea? Ok. Done. No more money for you whining peons.

I notice that in your pic Brian, the kid is enjoying a McDonald's Happy Meal. Too bad that will end once we pull out completely and ban all trade and commerce to SKorea.

If that is what they be it. Lousy ingrates.
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