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But At Least They Won't Face The Death Penalty

The United Kingdom has no capital punishments. Apparently, the tortured life of this child is less important than his murderers retaining their "human rights."

A 17-month-old baby boy was murdered by his mother and her boyfriend despite being on a council "at risk" register and having already suffered a catalogue of injuries including eight fractured ribs and a broken back that left him paralyzed, a British court heard Tuesday.


Read the entire, gruesome account below the fold.

The child, who along with the two adults cannot be named for legal reasons, was subjected to "a course of assaults of increasing violence" over many months at his home in North London even though he was being monitored by experts, the Old Bailey was told.

He was examined many times by doctors and was seen by a health visitor, social workers and was put on the Haringey Child Protection Register under the category of neglect and physical abuse for nine months, a jury was told.

Despite this he received numerous injuries — computer-generated images of which were shown to jurors to protect them from having to see the real thing.

Parts of the boy's fingernails and fingertips were missing, his head was covered in ulcerated sores and the skin between his upper lip and gum had been torn which, the court heard, was "highly suggestive of non-accidental injury, usually by forcing the teat of a bottle into a child's mouth or by a hard glancing blow across the mouth."

His fingernails, it was said, may have been deliberately removed.

His spine may have been broken when he was forced over the back of an adult’s knee or banister rail, jurors heard.

He also had many bruises to his face and body and was probably bitten on his scalp by a dog at the house. The baby was hit so hard on the night that he died in August last year that one of his teeth was found in his stomach.

The tot's 27-year-old mother, who has other children, her boyfriend, 32, and another man, Jason Owen, 36, all deny murder. The two men deny causing or allowing the death of a child, although the mother has admitted allowing the death of a child, but denies causing the death.

If there was ever a case for the death penalty, this would be one. It is sickening, as much as the suffering of this child, that some would be so concerned about the rights of these savages who participated in this boy's abuse and ultimate death.

The sad fact we must eventually face is that some "humans" do not deserve to live.



#1 Mongol 09-Sep-2008
Hey it was like abortion... kind of. I am sure Jen will find a reason it was ok
#2 captainfish 09-Sep-2008
OMG.. HOW sick and horrible. I agree. People like this need to be put out of our misery. That was the point of the death penalty. There was no hope of rehabilitation and their threat to the nation was such that it could not be tolerated.

And, I would utterly refuse to have my tax dollars going to feed these scumbags while their victim lies dead.

[i]"Despite this he received numerous injuries — computer-generated images of which were shown to jurors to protect them from having to see the real thing."[/i]

WTH?!?! that is the whole point of showing the damage; it is to make the jurors feel horror and see the offender as depraved and unhuman. And, its no wonder that they don't have a death penalty. They view the suffering of the offender as more of an importance than the suffering of the victims.

No wonder they are going down the tubes and will soon be taken over by a culture who also devalues human life.
#3 Daniel Lewis 10-Sep-2008
If it's any consolation, they will last all of five minutes in prison.

Plenty of prisoners are also parents and have as much love for these scumbags as we do.
#4 DMartyr 10-Sep-2008
Daniel - it is a consolation.

Jailhouse justice can often be more appropriate than any legal system.


I hope these three get EXACTLY what they deserve, and I hope this little boy finds peace.
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