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Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

And You Thought Our Politicians Were Held To High Standards!

BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) — Thailand's prime minister was forced out of office Tuesday after a court ruled that he had broken a conflict-of-interest law by hosting TV cooking shows.


(Not a picture of Thailand's prime minister on his cooking show, but close enough.)



#1 Mongol 09-Sep-2008
I see you are expanding your daily dictator section to daily dictators wanna-be's :)
#2 captainfish 09-Sep-2008
Yeah, he is taking over my area of pervue. He thinks he owns the site or something. What a leach.

What a poser! (err.. I mean Obama this time).

I hope that is recycled plastic. No? green hypocrite.
#3 forest 09-Sep-2008
"Can you just let me eat my soft tacos?"
#4 DMartyr 10-Sep-2008
You guys are confusing me with Brian, not that there's anything wrong with it...

Just don't want people to start labeling Brian an islamophobe or anything else as vulgar.
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