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McCain to visit Gerry Connolly's Fairfax County!

The McCain camp will be appearing at Van Dyke Park today, right near Snapped Shot's stomping grounds. After initially planning to appear at Fairfax High School, the campaign discovered that there actually are Republicans living here in Gerry Connolly's Fairfax County, and had to move to a larger venue.

Of course, a move like that can't be treated as the simple matter-of-fact that it is. J.R. over at Bearing Drift explains:

Because of the popularity of today’s McCain/Palin event in Fairfax, the McCain campaign realized two days ago that they had to change venues. The campaign started to explore what options they might have to ensure that the location the did choose would be large enough to accommodate the 20k+ tickets they gave out.

However, not having that bit of information, Democrats began a letter writing campaign yesterday to keep McCain from having the event at a high school in Fairfax (after the decision had already been made to move).

I can confirm that the local news had already started talking about how they were "hearing" that parents at FHS were upset that a political campaign was using the High School, but conveniently, there were no names mentioned, and no interviews with irate parents. J.R. continues:

So, let’s take this at face value: Barack Obama held an event yesterday at a Lebanon, VA high school. Today, Barack Obama will be at Granby High School in Norfolk. And, if memory serves me correct, Obama held a townhall in a Fairfax High School earlier this year.

Clearly, these events were all political. And, clearly, Obama is a regular participant.

There's nothing new about political campaigns using schools for their events and rallies. This kind of campaigning has been going on for at least as long as I've been alive, and most likely far longer.

Of course, considering that politicians built all of these multimillion dollar facilities, is it really all that unreasonable for a politician to be able to use them once in a while?



#1 Tom Marley 10-Sep-2008
Hi Brian

Enjoyed some of your pics in your portfolio. Did you go to the rally? It was awesome. I hope you took pics if you did.


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