The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Those Scurrilous McCain Attack Ads!

Wow, less than 24 hours to respond? That's pretty impressive for we dry, droll Republicans!

Oooooo! Busted for Copyright violation by CBSNews? That's gonna leave a mark.



#1 DMartyr 10-Sep-2008
Where's the video? Don't tell me YouTube yanked a political ads in less than a day...
#2 DMartyr 10-Sep-2008
BTW, if any SnappedShot readers want to see the original ad YouTube banned, you can find it here:
#3 captainfish 10-Sep-2008
hahahahaha.. CBS copyrighted even the images of their anchors? Are their spoken words even protected? over public airwaves?

Do I now have to start paying a fee to turn to my local morning shows? Is this a copyright fee or a worship fee?

Someone thinks mighty high of themselves. I guess they need to recoup the cost of hiring Couric.
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