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Happy Ramadan... of Peace!

Israel has been bending over backwards during this Ramadan season to ensure that the IDF treats all Palestinians with respect, and does its best to ensure that they don't have any extraordinary problems getting to where they're going during the festivities.

How does Israel get thanked for the extra concern towards the Palestinians' sensitivities?

If you guessed with an acid-throwing attack, you'd be just about as surprised as I am:

The woman arrived at the Hawara checkpoint and attempted to cross into Israel using the humanitarian aid lane, which is meant for emergencies and therefore has no security checks. Upon approaching the soldier manning the lane, she threw the acid at his face and then ran back towards Nablus.

(h/t Smooth Stone and BtB)



#1 Smooth 10-Sep-2008
Thanks very much for the link, Brian, I really appreciate it.
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