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Greenest. Convention. Evar!

The DNC Convention in Denver this year was hailed as being the "Greenest" convention in history, regardless of the fact that attendees arrived in gas guzzling SUVs and private jets.

Of course, one way in which Democrats continue to claim to be "green" whilst polluting the environment like we evil Republicans is to purchase "carbon credits," the universal pennance of Enviro-sin.

So, when it was announced that the DNC convention would be referring people to a carbon-offset reseller, one would've thought that the über–chic crowds who Vote Green! would be quick to take advantage. And, after all was said and done, it seems that they have, as this reseller has raised a grand total of:


... from the entire convention!

Way to go, greenies. You've reduced an entire 0.9 ton of carbon from the atmosphere!

You know, if even your average rank-and-file Democrat can see through the bull that is carbon offsetting, shouldn't the rest of the world see it?

I know I do—which is why I always recommend that you buy carbon debits instead.

Thanks to IV,D for the story!


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