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We Live in Soviet Times

One of Atlas Shrugs' readers has run across an Obama venue that is truly reminiscent of Soviet times:

Наща Америка. "New America?" Old Soviet.

Gee, where could Obama possibly be drawing his inspiration from?

The question America needs to ask itself is not if we're ready for a black president, because the very fact that Barack Obama was able to become the official candidate of the original pro-Slavery party speaks to that fact well enough on its own—wouldn't you agree?

No, what we really need to be asking ourselves is this: Do we really want to elect a president that is reminiscent of a third-world dicatator?



#1 captainfish 16-Sep-2008
Third World.. hell, old world communistic Soviet Stalinist USSR!!

This man is completely scary. For the first time in history that I can recall, has an American President used his image and fame to promote his election to office.

And, he does not hide his overt marxist and socialist policies either. But, our country is so shallow, stupid and ignorant that they can't see it right in front of their eyes.

This country is more apt to vote in an american idol for president than any true american hero.
#2 beth 16-Sep-2008
I thought the pic was supposed to be Che Guevera. And I thought THAT was pretty horrible. I've been dying to ask one of those idiots who have this on their car if they know the provenance of it. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
#3 Henry Bowman 16-Sep-2008
I doubt that you meant to write Наща Америка - perhaps you meant новая Америка?

Reminds me of the posters of V.I. Lenin that used to be plastered on virtually every other block in Leningrad and Moscow.
#4 ihorivan 16-Sep-2008
If those little "Lenin's Useful Idiots"
are actually capable of reading and thinking, you might suggest they read some of Humberto Fontova's writings.

He was there at the start of Fidel's "Change" movement and then escaped to the USA. One gets the real gen from him.

Also here in Toronto, Canuckistan, I see braindeaders like that.

BTW, that Prince of Darkness, Trudeau, just loved Fidel et al.

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