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I'm Outraged: Hickaphobia!

It figures that the Muslim apologists of the Wahhabi Lobby are out and about over here on Ye Olde Snapped Shot. From our story about Falls Church from earlier today, we get an authentic Muslim's take on the matter:

Requires review: No
User IP-address: [In the Muslim paradise of Tuscon, Arizona]
User Name: MuslimHere
User Email: [email protected]
User Homepage: jihadwatch

This "mysterious note" is so plainly fabricated its not even worth mentioning - unless your a frothing at the mouth islamophobe of course. the first and most blatant contradiction in this note is the idea of "statute of Allah" a fundamentally forbidden act in Islam. The english grammar is more akin to that of hick than an educated Muslim.

One presumes our anonymous interlocutor here has never met an ignorant Muslim before.

Far be it from me to suggest that our MuslimOverThere needs to pay closer attention to his own house before he begins swinging his Hickaxe around.

Oh, and also be it far from me to point out that Mr. Knows-It-All probably should have used "you're," and not a single one of us were referring to codifying Allah in law.



#1 forest 15-Sep-2008
He played the hick card!
#2 captainfish 16-Sep-2008
I represent that remark.

I'll be offended tomorrow.
#3 DMartyr 16-Sep-2008
This coming from a person who worships a man who thought the sun set in a muddy pond?

For MuslimHere, you call youself peaceful and tolerant, yet you use derogatory terms in your little hate rant? FYI, an "educated muslim" is called an Apostate. Just because you want to continue your idiotic belief in allah the moon god, don't drag Apostates in this by calling them "muslims."
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