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If You're White, You're Guilty Of Racism

Question: Is this nation still racist?

What do you think? Do you think we as a nation still harbor hatred against anyone who is not white?

Can only white people be racist? Is there no other country that has racism?

If you listen to this nation's liberals, it is only this nation that has hatred of people of color. And, of those, only conservative people, particularly those living in the southern parts of the USA are racist.

And, should a person of color be injured or killed during a fight between people of no-color (we will bypass the irony in this statement for now), then it is automatically considered a crime of hate and racism. Why? Because they say it is. And, if the liberals and the media say that our nation is racist, then white people, especially conservative white people, must submit to reparations and a multicultural diversification program.

Many thanks going to Digger for his find of this site (and his constant dedication to protecting the laws of this land and the rights of its CITIZENS) Save Shenandoah. For a background to the reason for this website, via Digger:

All of the race pandering hordes, MALDEF, the ADL and those opposing the Hazleton ordinance, came into their town calling them racists because the illegal alien was Mexican and the youths were white. Shenandoah was getting a bad name nationally.

Then they held a rally and 600 people showed up to stand up for their town. Residents now realized they weren't alone. I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at that rally and afterwards I received numerous calls for help from residents. "What can we do?". "How can we fight back?". So the results of those call is the Save Shenandoah website where they can communicate with each other and organize.

Go check it out, read their forum and watch as this small community takes back their town from the illegal alien invasion! It's already on fire just days after launch.

If you visit the site you will find articles regarding the incident of Shenandoah that caused a region to get up in arms. The site's authors found an article posted all the way down in Tampa Bay's online version of that city's newspaper. If you want a view of racism, then read on.

But first, let's review, what is this Shenandoah incident? An illegal immigrant was killed by white people. This is probably the only thing you have heard. And, if that was all you have heard or read, then this article from Tampa Bay and Barbara Ransby might make some sense.

The title of the article is "Back to Birmingham, 45 years later" by Barbara Ransby. You may be asking yourself, who is Barbara Ransby and what does Shenandoah today have to do with Birmingham 45 years ago?

Apparently Barbara Ransby is not only involved with the Progressive Media Project, but also the LEFT FORUM and they have a web site here. They are self described in this way:

Left Forum provides a context for the critical dialogue that is essential for a stronger Left and a more just society.

Barbara Ransby is also a member of the Editorial Board of The Black Commentator - apparently a magazine devoted to ONLY Black issues.

Oh and guess what? The chair of The Black Commentator is a Julian Bond. Julian Bond was named the first president of the Southern Poverty Law Center at its founding in 1971 and still sits on the board.

[She is also an] associate professorship in the department of African American Studies and History at the University of Illinois at Chicago

So, we know who the author is. A hugely lefty liberal who loves pushing an agenda. Now lets find out why she is talking about Birmingham. Can you guess why? We will even let her tell the story:

Forty-five years ago, one of the most pivotal racist attacks of the civil-rights era occurred. Local members of the Ku Klux Klan planted a bomb under the steps of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Ala., on a Sunday morning, Sept. 15, 1963. The explosion killed four young girls, three of them age 14 and one of them only 11 years old.

But while King praised nonviolence, racist groups and individuals engaged in violence throughout the region. Birmingham was at the center of the fray. There were so many buildings and homes blown up by vigilantes there that the town was dubbed "Bombingham." Convictions for these crimes were rare. It was not until 1977 that prosecutors in Alabama aggressively went after the culprits in the 16th Street Church bombing, resulting in the conviction of KKK member Robert Chambliss that same year.

Wow. So, the death of an illegal in Shenandoah is equivalent to a time and place where "so many bombings" were taking place that led to the death of 4 young girls? But, it can't be all bad can it?

Things have changed in America since 1963. No one would argue with this.


But let's not celebrate the postracial Promised Land too soon. There is not only persistent racism in the United States, there is also persistent racist violence and the hatred that fuels it.

Sen. Barack Obama has had numerous death threats. The threats were so prevalent and so serious that he received Secret Service protection well before he was the Democratic Party nominee.

Yes, folks. This nation is so racist that the black candidate for President has had to get Secret Service protection from "racist" death threats. Now, even plain old death threats against people of color are racist in nature? Is it considered racist if a black man threatens death to a hispanic person?

Of course, this has nothing to do with the fact that he is a massive media figure and the next messiah. No.

Let's continue with this piece of liberal love-fest. How is Shenandoah and the decade of bombings in Birmingham related? Here's how:

In America, people of color are still victims of racially motivated violence.

In May a federal jury in Kansas City convicted two men of the racially motivated murder of a black man, William McCay, three years before.

Last month, Luis Ramirez, a Mexican immigrant and father of two, was beaten to death by four white teenagers in Shenandoah, Pa. They hurled racist epithets along with kicks and punches.

Because she was able to find 2 incidents this year (that occurred years apart), then her view that this nation is entirely full of racist white people is supported. And see, because white people yelled racial sayings and then beat him to death, then this is an obvious hate crime. Pretty obvious huh? Well, until you take a view of the truth. But then, liberals never let the truth get in their way. What really happened that night.

This fight was mutual and Ramirez could have walked away but he chose to return WITH his friend and go after the teens, which resulted in his death. It was NOT a KKK attack. And Ramirez ALSO hurled racial epithets at the white teens. Ramirez was also wanted on a 2004 aggravated assault charge and he was a fugitive from justice at the time of his death. He was ALSO in a dark park at 11:30pm with a 15 year old girl, which is how the fight got started. But of course you don't want to muddy up your little article with things like FACTS now do you. You'd much rather make your distorted correlations between the KKK and these white teens...

But, she was not finished yet. She had to include everyone in her racial attacks. Yes. While claiming that white people are racists, she also puts the "racist" label on every single person of this great nation as well.

It is not only naive to think we have completely eradicated racism in America, it is dangerous.

To be sure, racist violence never consumed the entire population or even the majority. Most people of color were not direct victims. And most whites did not throw the blows or the bombs. They simply looked the other way.

Apathy or willful ignorance in the face of racism and injustice yields the same net result, whether it is the blatant and widespread racism that showed itself in Birmingham, or the more subtle but no less real racism of today.

Yes, it is naive to even believe (and "hope") that we have eradicated racism in this nation. My, isn't that Progressive of her. Instead of hyping racism every chance you get, how about hyping the greatness of this nation for minorities? How about hyping all that has changed over the years for minorities? How about talking up all the possibilities and great things minority people have done in this nation while pushing other minorities to do the same?

Can this nation really be racist if we have people of color in places of status and stature? Are we racist when a white president places a black man and a hispanic on the supreme court? Are we racist when people of color are placed and honored within fields of renown like NASA, the military, the National Football League, and as a member of Congress?

No, she and her racist liberal elitist buddies have to always talk this nation down claiming national racism on the part of white people in order to justify her own hatred and vitriol. How does that help anyone?

Once again, what do you think? Do you think we as a nation still harbor hatred against anyone who is not white?

Can only white people be racist?



#1 Cletus 16-Sep-2008
The majority of Racism comes from the left, the white guilt liberals, the hispanic ethnocentric groups, and the radical black groups. White racism is splintered and disorganized, because everyone sees them for the crazy goofs that they are, but most people are still in the mindset that only whites can be racist, so they don't see the leftists for what they are: racists
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