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If The President Sent an Email, Would Anybody Care?

In recent days, the Obama campaign has been defending an ad that mocks John McCain for not being able to send emails. Given that McCain chooses not to use computers because old POW injuries make it painful, is it fair to assume Obama would be a better President because he would use email?

If Barack Hussein "No Middle Name" Obama were a more experienced candidate, he might know what Jamie Sneider of the Weekly Standard knows:

Yet if the president did use email, there would be no guarantee his minute-to-minute communiqués would remain confidential. ...


The nub of the problem is this: If the president uses email, it will be subject to the Presidential Records Act, as is all executive-branch email. This law requires electronic records to be copied and saved to a central database. Anyone from the public can access these records 12 years after a president leaves office, and Congress has put forward a variety of legal pretexts for receiving such information much sooner.

Bonus! John McCormack posted this video on his blog. An Obama campaigner defends the ad that mocks McCain for not being able to use a computer:

[Update] Michael Graham sends an email for John McCain.

(Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin)


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