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Oh, That's Gonna Work!

Why isn't Obama stretching the truth more often?

Why I should've known.


That's exactly the "hope" and "change" that America has been looking to Barack Obama for!



#1 captainfish 13-Sep-2008
[i]Take McCain's ad claiming that Obama's "one accomplishment" on education policy was to push "legislation to teach 'comprehensive sex education' to kindergartners." It's difficult to find a single true word in the whole spot. The Illinois Senate bill the ad refers to was not Obama's legislation. (He voted for it but didn't write or sponsor it.) It was not an "accomplishment"—the bill didn't pass. Nor did it advocate teaching kids about sex before they learned to read, as McCain claims; it envisioned "age-appropriate" language instructing children on "preventing sexual assault," among other dangers,...[/i]

Geesh. McCain didn't say that he authored it, only that he pushed it. He also did not say that it passed, only that Obama's only accomplishment was that he pushed for the bill. And, thanks for the fact that it failed. So, now, Obama's only accomplishment was that he pushed for a bill that ultimately failed.

Also, Slate is a liberal idiot rag. As a parent, there is no way in hell that a teacher or administrator is going to determine what is "age-appropriate" material to teach my kindergartner or elementary aged kid about sex or sex assults!!!!!

Very few kids feel like asking their teachers about sex. !?! And those that do should be told to ask their parents. Simple plan and highly effective. But, no. They can't leave morality up to the kid's parents.

Schools should not even be involved in sex education. Now, sexual reproduction can be part of the Biology education when they get older.

Slate.... talk about lies and damned lies.

Here's a lie... how about Obama's plan to make taxes fair to everyone, while eliminating taxes for 95% of american workers (and non-american illegal workers i bet). The only way that one could continue to fund the government after this plan is to monumentally raise taxes on the remaining 5%. The 1% already pay 39% of all taxes, while that top 5% already pay 54% of all taxes.

The top 1% is paying nearly ten times the federal income taxes than the bottom 50%!

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