The Ghost of Snapped Shot

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Beware a Wolf in Dumb Clothing

Democrats in Congress are pushing graciously allowing Republicans to offer bills in the House that push for more drilling.

The catch? Guess who gets to keep the money?

That there is some fine reporting from my typically-Republican-leaning hometown newspaper.



#1 captainfish 13-Sep-2008
[i]States would not get a share of an estimated $2.6 trillion in royalties from offshore drilling under a plan backed by House Democrats. Critics say states would likely block drilling without a stake in the profits.[/i]

And, this gives the Dims a perfect out. If you don't support their proposal, then you are against drilling. This is how they roll. And, I bet you everything, the Repubs will NOT go to the press and tell the truth about this ploy and will allow the Dims to cast them as anti-energy.

Once again, Repubs will go down in flames and whine that they tried while doing nothing.
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