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Gerry Connolly's Fairfax County

This truly is too tragic for words:

Police: Kidnapped woman dies in crash

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Sept. 14 (UPI) -- A kidnapped Virginia woman died when her alleged abductors crashed her car during a police chase, authorities said.

Barbara Jean Bosworth, 61, of Alexandria was killed Saturday when her car careened into trees in Prince William County, The Washington Post reported Sunday. Two men in the car with Bosworth were hospitalized in critical condition.

Bosworth apparently was able to call her husband and indicate something was wrong after she was allegedly kidnapped by the two men at the Springfield Mall, police said in a statement.

Gerry, how much longer are you going to let this rampant disregard for the law continue in this county?

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(h/t someone who was Googling this)



#1 DMartyr 15-Sep-2008
I hate this.

Why is it the criminals always live but the innocent people die? Even in drunk driving cases, most often the drunk walks away, but the victims are left dead or with lifelong injuries?
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