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Photo from an Undisclosed Location

One wonders upon viewing this photo, whether or not the Associated Press has bothered to notify the Pakistani government of the "undisclosed" location in which they openly arranged to meet this outlawed gang of kidnapping terrorists for a classical, yet somehow modern photo-op:

Armed supporters of an outlawed militant group 'Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan,' left, guard kidnapped security personnel as they are presented to the media on the outskirts of Matta, an area of Pakistan's Swat district, Sunday, Sept. 14, 2008. Militants paraded some 38 security personnel, who were abducted from a post in Pakistan's troubled northwest Swat valley. Swat lies in a swath of northwestern Pakistan that has increasingly come under the sway of Islamic militants opposed to Pakistan's alliance with Washington in the war with terrorist groups. (AP Photo/Sherin Zada)

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#1 captainfish 15-Sep-2008
[i]One wonders upon viewing this photo, whether or not the Associated Press has bothered to notify the Pakistani government[/i]

hahahahahahahaahahahaa... oh you naive fool.

that would invalidate their unbiased credibility. Being able to keep secrets allows them to provide us with unabashed and informative news that is fit to print.

BTW, does anyone else see irony in that they are wearing hoods?? While they may be black, but....

And yet, the press has no problem hyping these hood-wearing fools.

Once again, we are missing a great opportunity to do live tests of our MOAB bombs.
#2 michelle 08-Apr-2009
One would assume that since Sherin Zada is a journalist writing and shooting in a volatile location (this journalist having been in Pakistan for some time now from what I've found published under that name) anonymity would be a huge factor not only in being able to continue working but also possibly to continue living. Stealth is pretty vital to reporting about terrorist organizations.

Furthermore it's more than possible AP doesn't even know this journalist's location. A freelancer doing work for AP has no obligation to provide specifics about sources. Perhaps, to this person who has chosen a very specific profession showing the world what is happening is more important than alerting the authorities.

Not an expert, just an aspiring photojournalist.
#3 Brian C. Ledbetter 08-Apr-2009

Thanks for the thoughts - you might be right. It's interesting to note that Sherin Zada was presumably invited to this event, considering that it's a photo-op. Wouldn't that mean that s/he is already known to the pictured terrorists? (That'd kinda make anonymity a moot point, wouldn't it?)

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