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After our horrendous and lackluster support of Pakistan's Musharraf, he will be stepping aside soon. This brings up my history lessons that were NOT learned from Iran. Recall that in Iran, the leader was pro-Western. However, the nation was growing into radicalism. They threw him out while we slept on purpose. We failed to protect him and his rule and now we have one of the greatest terrorist supporting nations that is on its way to getting nuclear weaponry. Thanks Jimma!

And now, we seem to be doing the same thing with Pakistan. The radicals are coming out of the eaves and are overthrowing the moderate aspects of the government.

LGF finds the goods:

The Pakistan Army has been ordered to retaliate against any action by foreign troops inside the country, army spokesman Major General Athar Abbas said on Friday. General Abbas’ statement came as top brass of the Pakistan Army in their meeting on second day fully endorsed their chief’s warning that no country would be allowed to violate Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

A press release issued after the 111th Corps Commanders Conference quoted General Ashfaq Kayani as saying that “all elements of the National Power under the new democratic leadership will safeguard the territorial integrity of Pakistan with full support and backing of the people of Pakistan.”

Hmmm... doesn't that sound an awful lot like a communistic propaganda piece? So, instead of going after the numerous and murderous Al-Queda and Taliban troops in their midst, they will now go after coalition troops seeking to protect their own citizens from these terrorists.

Oh, Pakistanis must be really feeling the love now.

[Update]: I am also reminded that the US, following the 9/11 attacks, that we pressured Pakistan to not be friendly with the Taliban or face our wrath as well. It would seem that Pakistan wants to return to our Terrorist Watch List. And we all know, once you are on there, you can't get off.

I say we need to elect DOH!bama and allow him to just go straight away and bomb Pakistan out of existence. He said he would. But, he will then stop and have tea and cookies with Ahmed of Iran. To fix that, we can then elect McCain (if he is still alive) and he will go straight in to Iran and clear out that mess. Should the USSR get its panties all a twitter, then we can elect Bolten to jack-slap them back across and in to Siberia where they belong.

[Update:] Thanks to Abdul below to do the fact checking for me. Yes, Pervez Musharraf has already stepped down and has recently been replaced. Via Wiki (accept as true if you assume)

On 18 August 2008, Pervez Musharraf resigned from the post of President of Pakistan under impeachment pressure from the coalition government. Consequently, his website was removed since he was no longer the President of Pakistan. A mirror website can be found at Musharraf was succeeded on 6 September 2008, by Asif Ali Zardari, duly elected as Pakistan's 11th President since 1956.

Dang, gimme a break. He was just elected last week. And no, I don't keep up on the affairs of the Muslim world. I really could care less, actually. The last I heard was that Musharraf had announced his departure but they were waiting elections. Now we know.

I only highlight this because of how it affects international and local presidential affairs. I am actually trying to live my life here in the great ol' US of A.

Who is Zadari? The above Wiki of Pervez says he is the 11th prez, while Zadari's Wiki says he is the 14th. He is the leader of the Pakistani People's Party. Sounds like Communism is spreading everywhere.

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#1 abdul hakeem 15-Sep-2008
>>After our horrendous and lackluster support of Pakistan's Musharraf, he will be stepping aside soon. <<

"He will be stepping aside soon"?

I think you'll find he has already.

Nice to see you keep up with current affairs in the Muslim world.
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