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Let The Rescues Begin

Now that Hurricane Ike, the most devastating hurricane since the most globally devastating hurricane since Katrina, has left the continental US, the clean up begins. While there are large areas (in Gilchrist , Orange and Crystal Beach, TX) that are devastated and damaged, others are even flooded. Some people even had their windows broken.

While I am highly sympathetic to those who have lost their homes in sea-level hurricane prone areas, I am not shedding a tear. They knew what they were getting in to by moving and building there. And, I am sickened to know that they will be getting FEMA assistance to rebuild in the exact same location.

There was a reason that many areas called for "Mandatory Evacuation". But, now that the storm is over, money and resources have to be spent in order to rescue these idiots.

Two days after Ike battered Houston and forced thousands into emergency shelters, the death toll rose to 30 in eight states [Ed: 8 states running from TX to New England. This number includes 2 golfers who died in TN), many of them far to the north of the Gulf Coast as the storm slogged across the nation's midsection, leaving a trail of flooding and destruction.

A Texas helicopter task force flew 115 rescuers onto the heavily damaged resort barrier island of Bolivar Peninsula, just east of hard-hit Galveston. Task force leader Chuck Jones said they were the first rescuers to reach the area that is home to about 30,000 people in the peak summer beach season.

115 out of 30,000 are being rescued from an area under mandatory evacuation orders?? Why? There are also reports that over 2,000 people have been rescued from the region.

Rescuers said they had saved nearly 2,000 people from waterlogged streets and splintered houses by Sunday afternoon. Many had ignored evacuation orders and tried to ride out the storm. Now they were boarding buses for indefinite stays at shelters in San Antonio and Austin.

I again ask, why? We are spending resources rescuing surviving and walking people who were walking down streets in areas that were under a mandatory evacuation? And now, we are once again busing these people out to evacuation centers? They made the decision to stay. Stay they should. And yet, money and resources are spent flying in water and food to these idiots. Mile long lines of idiots line up for water, gas (here and here) [Ed: Why are there long lines for gas in Houston? ] and food.

Wanda Hamor, 49, of Orange, had been fifth in line with her 21-year-old son William. They were trapped in their house by floodwaters until Monday morning before they could venture out.

They had run out of food Sunday night. They left for Gustav and say they couldn't afford to leave for Ike or buy any more than $60 in food. "He's diabetic and he has to eat four times a day," she said of her son.

Then you should have left when they told you to get out!! Maybe they should have waited for the UN Relief Workers to come in and save the day. I mean, they are doing such a great job in Haiti!! Isn't Haiti its own country with its own government? Why can't the provide relief for their own people?

Meanwhile, while millions are being spent to rescue the living and the stupid, the dead are in need of rescue.

However, unlike previous storms in heavy democrat areas, cleanup in Galveston started even before the winds died down.

Another thing I find very strange. Why are the Border Patrol in Galveston? But, thankfully, FEMA is there to rescue Wall Street bankers.


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