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Election Terrorism

Is this not the same mentality Islamic terrorists use to justify attacks on innocent people? If you condemn them for unprovoked aggression against civilians, they angrily respond with more violence against civilians...

Two days after someone broke into the email account of vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, unknown intruders have hacked the website of conservative commentator Bill O'Reilly and posted personal details of more than 200 of its subscribers.

The breach into came as retaliation for remarks O'Reilly made on Fox News condemning the attack on Palin's Yahoo email account, according to Wikileaks, a site that makes it easy for whistleblowers, hackers and anyone else to leak documents.

(From The Register, hat tip Gateway Pundit)

So, according to these liberal hackers, condemning an illegal act is justification to commit more illegal acts, so long as the victims are Republican...

Allah Akbar!
Obama Akbar!



#1 captainfish 20-Sep-2008
The AP and these hackers need to spend some time in jail. And if it is found that Obama and the Dem camp had any tie whatsoever to this, they should also be fined and be forced to concede the race.
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