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Wonderful New Word: Islamofauxia!

Yaacov ben Moshe has come up with an amazing new term for all of the shenanigans that we love to document over here at Snapped Shot:


The lies, staged video, PhotoShopped pictures, calumnies, rage triggers, exaggerations and assorted frauds that Islamists concoct and the eager propagation of same by the Mainstream Media.

I couldn't have come up with a better way to describe stuff like this, or this, or even this. Thanks to Yaacov for extending my vocabulary in such a useful way!

(big h/t Larwyn!)



#1 captainfish 20-Sep-2008

#2 captainfish 23-Sep-2008
ok... I have been thinking about this word for a while...

How in the HELL do you pronounce it?

Islamo-foe-xia? (sounds like Islamo-folks-ia)
#3 Yaacov 24-Sep-2008
The absolutely correct way I think would be foe-she-ah but I made it up and I propose to pronounce it like Islamophobia without the "B" because then it is close enough to Islamophobia so that it take some of the venom out of the accusation. I now have a two part explanation up on the blog. Here's the link:
Any way, thanks to Brian, for the link.
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