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Another Attack By Unnamed Angry People

Once again, the unnamed angry people have attacked. This time with a massive homicide truck bombing in Islamabad, Pakistan. Their target was the massive Marriott Hotel in downtown Islamabad that housed dignitaries, ambassadors, and even US tourists. Here is a picture from Fox News. Here is the Fox News slideshow page where I have highlighted one in particular. (Note the distance the burned and overturned cars are from the hotel.)

Here is the news story linkage.

A massive suicide truck bomb devastated the heavily guarded Marriott Hotel in Pakistan's capital Saturday, killing at least 40 people (Ed: The story is now that over 60 are dead that they can find) and wounding at least 250. Officials feared there were dozens more dead inside the burning building.

The blast targeting the U.S. hotel chain appeared to be one of the largest terrorist attacks ever in Pakistan, leaving a vast crater some 30 feet deep in front of the main building, where rescuers ferried a stream of bloodied bodies.

While they do affirm that this allegedly was done by "militants", they never mention any group or that it was [strike]terrorism[/strike] the T-word. Although, I do give credit to the Pakistani Interior Minister who sounds like one of the Bush administration:
Rehman Malik, the head of Pakistan's Interior Ministry, told The Associated Press that authorities had received intelligence that there might be militant activity due to Zardari's inaugural address. Security had been tightened, he said.

"This is terrorism and we have to fight it together as a nation," Malik told reporters...

So, if you can't, or are unwilling to, blame the actual people (TalibanAl-Qaeda) involved because you are afraid of said group, then blame the people that the group is trying to attack (USA)

Though there was no immediate claim of responsibility for the blast, Pakistani officials have warned that militancy could heat up following a wave of cross-border strikes on militant bases by U.S. forces in Afghanistan, which had angered public opinion.

Sounds like there were multiple vehicles involved with multiple "militants".

A U.S. State Department official led three colleagues through the rubble from the charred building, one of them bleeding heavily from a wound on the side of his head.

One of the four, who identified himself only as Tony, said they had begun moving toward the rear of the Chinese restaurant after a first, small blast and that a second explosion threw them against the back wall.

"Then we saw a big truck coming to the gates," he said. "After that it was just smoke and darkness."

Mohammed Asghar, a worker from a nearby office with a makeshift bandage round his head, said there was more than one man in the truck and that they had argued with the hotel guards.

"Then there was a flash of light, the truck caught fire and then exploded with an enormous bang
," he said.

WOW. The bomb crater from the Oklahoma City Murray Building blast was 30-35 feet deep. And we all know how big that bomb was. According to one photo in that Fox News slideshow, some of the vehicles that were burned and overturned by the blast were, I am guessing here, about 50 yards away from the building? I hope this really makes an impression upon Pakistan's military and new Interior ministry that they need our help.

I wonder what the head of Marriott had to say at this national tragedy and massive destruction?

"We live in a dangerous world and this is a terrible tragedy. We grieve for those people who died, or were injured, and their families," Bill Marriott, chairman and CEO of Marriott International, said in a statement.

[UPDATE:] Obama made a few statements from the campaign trail where he sounded like he was pro-war and was very willing to remain in Iraq and focus on al-Qaeda.

On the US campaign trail, Democratic White House hopeful Barack Obama said "today's attack demonstrates the grave and urgent threat that al Qaeda and its affiliates pose to the United States, to Pakistan, and to the security of all nations.

"As the attack earlier this week on our embassy in Yemen shows, over seven years after 9/11, the terrorist threat knows no borders, and the terrorists threaten innocent civilians of all religions and regions," Obama said.

"Now is the time to refocus our efforts on defeating Al-Qaeda and securing the American people."

Yep, sounds like he really wants to stay in Iraq now, doesn't he?

Ok, Now comes the Poll Of The Daily Militant. WHO do you think is responsible?
President Bush
Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy
The "greenies"
or... the French?

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They are always at fault. Even if they had nothing to do with it, it is still their fault for existing. Face it, the world would be at peace were it not for Israel.
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