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AP: Only Racism Will Keep Obama From The White House

Noel Sheppard over at NewsBusters is covering a new AP Poll. If Obama loses this election, it will only be because of "deep-seated racial misgivings" among white voters.

Oddly, the poll does not address the possibility that Obama might win only because of racist attitudes among some black voters. But it would be racist to do a poll on that...



#1 captainfish 20-Sep-2008
Yeah, this was all started by the Obamassiah's crew and supporters. They have been saying time and time again that not voting for him will mean that those voters are racist. And if Obamassiah loses, then that only proves that racism is alive and well in America and that no black person can ever have what white people have.

And of course, the CRap only to happily promotes that belief. Just like the belief that terrorists are only terrorists because of what we have done.
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