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Pop-Culture Quiz Time

OK, Pop Quiz.
Knowing what all has gone on this past weekend, what was the #1 story that people will wake up to on Monday morning and see on the Fox News website?

Somehow, for those who read this blog, I don't think you will get it. Those who have no life and seek identity within television's virtual reality and idol worship, you may get it. Ooops, did I give too much away?

Possible Answers Are:
A. Global Warming has caused snow to fall in summer.
B. Russia has apologized for invading a sovereign state.
C. The Pakistan Marriott bombing that has left nearly 60 dead.
D. A martian base on the moon has been discovered.
E. Celebrities, Actors and Actresses being praised for acting.
F. Some lie McCain said again.
G. Some miracle Obama did like making Russia apologize for its invasion of Georgia.

Answer below the fold. Now, you have to guess before you click.
The correct answer was E. DUH!! I have included a screen capture that I took at just before midnight Sunday night on the 21st.

Where O' Where Art Thou Pakistan?

As for the real story of the weekend, the Pakistan Marriott bombing, according to Fox News' new story, (located down in the 'Latest (general) News' section) there are 53 confirmed killed including two U.S. Defense employees and the Czech ambassador.

Sounds like it is time to GO KICK SOME ASS!!! And NOW! Was Obamassiah right after all? At least now the media will tell us who did it...

Taliban militants based near the Afghan border and their Al Qaeda allies are the most likely suspects behind a massive truck bombing at Islamabad's Marriott Hotel, officials and experts said Sunday. ...

The truck sat burning and disabled at the hotel gate for at least 3 1/2 minutes as nervous guards tried to douse the flames before they, the truck and much of the hotel forecourt vanished in a fearsome fireball on Saturday night, according to dramatic surveillance footage released Sunday.

So, we now acknowledge that these attackers are Muslim extremists? Attacking... fellow muslims? and other foreigners including the Ambassador to Czechoslovakia? You think now we will get the press on our side and fire up the people?? Let's see:

The attack on the American hotel chain during Ramadan, among the deadliest terrorist strikes in Pakistan, will test the resolve of its pro-Western civilian rulers to crack down on growing violent extremism which many here blame on the country's role in the U.S.-led war on terror.

Ahhh, there ya have it. While they do point out that this attack was carried out by muslims on muslims during a muslim high holy period, they still have to find a way to blame the evil USA.

Mahmood Shah, a former government security chief for Pakistan's tribal areas, said that while the attack had "all the signatures" of an Al Qaeda strike, homegrown Taliban militants probably had learned how to execute an attack of such magnitude.

Al Qaeda was providing "money, motivation, direction and all sort of leadership and using the Taliban as gun fodder," he suggested.

While no group has claimed responsibility, the scale of the blast and its high-profile target were seen by many as the signature of media-savvy Al Qaeda.

Media savvy??? And who can we thank for that?? Who has been providing them the media outlets and coverage? THE MEDIA!!!

I would try and make some analogy here to the way Germany and Japan used the media during WW2, but they use their own media outlets then, unlike nowadays. Unfortunately, al-Qaeda is allowed to use our own media to propagate their terror.

Meanwhile, what is Fox News running with for Monday morning? Celebutards praising themselves. Pakistan only got one day.



#1 Kevin 23-Sep-2008
I must confess that I don't know what this post is about. It's very confusing. Let's get to the REAL issues. What children's toy will be the most popular this Christmas? I need to know so that I can buy it early. That's the kind of news we can use.

Also, any info on fall fashions would be useful.
#2 captainfish 23-Sep-2008
hahahahahhaaa ...

fashion? two words, Kevin.
Helmet Head.
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