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I noticed that a large percentage of the Obamatons that I know are now endlessly repeating the "McCain is such a liar" mantra this week.

Seriously. I wonder where that talking point came from?

I dare you to name one single thing that John McCain has lied about!

Because, sitting here as a genuinely concerned Christian, I've always known McCain to speak exactly what's on his mind—Which is precisely why he had such lukewarm support from actual Republicans like me this election cycle. He's honest to the point of pissing off his own party, just because he wants to do things differently.

But hey, why bother with actual reality, when you can insulate yourselves within a nice, comfy cocoon... of lies!

I guess this really does show the desparation of Barack Obama—After all, he seems to be more than happy at this point to spread the rumor about Sarah Palin's 4,000 year old dinosaurs out of malice, even though there's a rather sizable percentage of Americans who believe it to be true.

So much for the Great Candidate of Hope, Change, and Being Above Throwing Mud, eh?



#1 Donkeyrock 16-Sep-2008 has stuff on both Obama and McCain lies. They're politicians, they lie, it's what they do.

Here's one of the McCain articles:

We checked the accuracy of McCain’s speech accepting the Republican nomination and noted the following:

* McCain claimed that Obama’s health care plan would "force small businesses to cut jobs" and would put "a bureaucrat ... between you and your doctor." In fact, the plan exempts small businesses, and those who have insurance now could keep the coverage they have.

* McCain attacked Obama for voting for "corporate welfare" for oil companies. In fact, the bill Obama voted for raised taxes on oil companies by $300 million over 11 years while providing $5.8 billion in subsidies for renewable energy, energy efficiency and alternative fuels.

* McCain said oil imports send "$700 billion a year to countries that don't like us very much." But the U.S. is on track to import a total of only $536 billion worth of oil at current prices, and close to a third of that comes from Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

* He promised to increase use of "wind, tide [and] solar" energy, though his actual energy plan contains no new money for renewable energy. He has said elsewhere that renewable sources won’t produce as much as people think.

* He called for "reducing government spending and getting rid of failed programs," but as in the past failed to cite a single program that he would eliminate or reduce.

* He said Obama would "close" markets to trade. In fact, Obama, though he once said he wanted to "renegotiate" the North American Free Trade Agreement, now says he simply wants to try to strengthen environmental and labor provisions in it.
#2 Jan Doh 16-Sep-2008
I'm a conservative Christian, a lifelong Republican, and I attend religious services regularly. When I first heard that John McCain had chosen Sarah Palin as his VP, my husband and I were concerned that McCain had chosen to undercut his message about inexperience by picking someone so inexperienced as his VP. Then we were shocked to hear that this woman would put her career ahead of her five children, one with special needs!

But my greatest concern is the stories I am hearing from sources in Palin's hometown, that this special needs child was born with a genetic disorder that causes him to change form when the moon is full, growing copious amounts of hair, teeth elongating into fangs, and driven to roam the countryside in search of human victims to satisfy his need to drink blood.

McCain has chosen to bring werewolves into the White House! How can this man claim to love his country when he is willing to endanger all of us by this action? Palin is opposed to abortion, even in cases where the fetus is a vampire, werewolf, or brain-eating zombie! This view is far more extreme than that of the mainstream. Will a McCain/Palin administration force all women to bear werewolf children and the Army of the Zombie Apocalypse?

These questions must be answered by the McCain team! So long as they keep silent on these issues, that should concern every Christian American voter, they will continue to lose the support of Values Voters like me and my husband. I can only hope that my fellow Christianists will wake up in time.

Vote Obama/um, that old senate guy that isn't McCain 08!

Stop the Zombie Apocalypse!
#3 captainfish 18-Sep-2008



OMG.. that caught me way off guard. HAHA
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