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New Scandal: Sarah Palin's Personal Tanning Bed!!!!

The Left is going to go nuts over this (h/t Michelle, who is tracking the spread of the new outrage):

Self-proclaimed "hockey mom" Sarah Palin had a private tanning bed installed in the Governor's Mansion in Juneau, Alaska, confirmed on Monday.

There, that's the part of the mindless meme that's going to be bandied about by every liberal you know.

Now, do you want to know the rest of the story?
"She did. She paid for it with her own money," Roger Wetherell, chief communications officer of Alaska's Department of Transportation and Public Facilities told Us.

See? What'd I tell ya! She failed to use public funds to pay for this personal item.

Democrats would never stand for that!



#1 DMartyr 16-Sep-2008
A private tanning bed?!


That's it - I'm voting Obama.
#2 Mongol 16-Sep-2008
Schandalous, Schandalous I tell you. On completely unrelated note, must remember to tell friend in Alaska to get a tanning bed. I guess drinking milk for vitamin D for SIX MONTH of NIGHT get's a bit old. I bet it would also be a good way to warm up.
#3 Jessica 19-Sep-2008
Alaska experiences months and months of up to 20 hours of darkness per day. One of my best friends lives up there, he has a tanning bed too. Lots of people do.
It's not about being a spoiled brat, it's because people need sunlight

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