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Open Thread: Mocking The One!

New Feature Alert!

This Photoshop contest can now be found at SnappedShot turbo. And I think you'll all agree that "turbo" is a lot easier to use than the cumbersome instructions below, even if it is currently only in beta.

We aim to squeeze.... Empty-suited, astroturfing politicians, that is.

Good, clean Photoshopped Fun!

Rearranged in Chronological order; Newest are down towards the bottom. Instructions are just beyond that, and a whole pile of user-contributed entries are right down there!

I've been pretty tied up at the office today, so I haven't had much time to devote to y'all as I'd like. To make up for it, I'd like to open the blog up to a nice, relaxing Photoshop contest.

To get things started, I'm happy to present to you a glimpse into America's future, courtesy Rooster:

Glorious revolution.

So, this being a good excuse to dig into my archives of Photoshop fun, I remembered this classic:


And then, Rooster replied with:


And now, I'm at a loss. Which is where you come in!

Update: Obama's going to be making this face quite a lot after the November election:

No clicky.


The excellent entries are rolling in down in the comments section. Thanks to Kevin and No Jihad for sending in all the great work so far—Here are my latest faves!

Wanted. [No Jihad]

Barack's New Book! [Kevin]

Be sure to read beyond the fold for additional One-Mocking fun.


usdesertdweller reminds me via e-mail that Obama really does get a Maddoxian "F" for e"F"fort, doesn't he?

Why, indeed?

Keep those fun times a-rolling, y'all!


Hey, since Rooster started the German theme, I figure a followup is in order:



Here's another one, inspired by my intense dislike for Obama's current campaigning strategy, which consists entirely of "off message" ranting against We, the Evil Republican Smear Machine.

Well, I think it's ranting, but it's hard to really say for sure what he's sayin'.

Can you see through the Ma-tricks?

I'd also like to point out another excellent entry by No Jihad

Click to zoom


Your Participation IS Mandatory!

Well, it's not like any of you slackers have anything better to do! That game of Dungeons and Dragons can wait, dang it!

Here's what you need to do to participate:

If you can host your own images, take the URL of your nice new Photoshop, and paste it into the comments field down below. Then, surround it with BBCode "img" tags, like such:

[img] [/img]
(without the spaces)

... fill in your details (so you can get credit), and the rest is history.

For those of you without the luxury of your own servers, here's what you do: Take your newly-minted photoshop joy and upload it to ImageShack. Be sure to check the box next to "Remove size/resolution bar from thumbnail," since you won't be needing that mess. Pick your file and click on Host It. Once you're done uploading the image, you'll see a set of thumbnail codes which are designed to be copied and pasted into your nearest forum. Which would be Snapped Shot in this case. Use the second one from the top—It'll look something like this:

[URL=][IMG] [/IMG][/URL]
(Just copy and paste it)

Do the same thing as those elitist server-owners above, and you're on your way to Obama-mocking glory!

Of course, if you have problems with either of those, you can always just email your contributions to me. I'll make sure they get posted.

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#1 DMartyr 17-Sep-2008
I hope you keep this sticky posted until Monday. I'm not off until Sunday, and I might like to try some photoshopping then.


(BTW, Rooster's second one is really cool, I think.)
#2 Kevin 17-Sep-2008
Obama has written his third book!

#3 Kevin 17-Sep-2008
American: But Barack, what will you do for the small business owner? The regulations that your Democrat friends have imposed upon us are smothering!

Obamessia response:
#4 captainfish 18-Sep-2008
ooooo.. great one Kevin
#5 No Jihad 18-Sep-2008

#6 No Jihad 18-Sep-2008
“He doesn't look like all those other presidents on those dollar bills.”

#7 No Jihad 18-Sep-2008
The Muslimian Candidate

#8 No Jihad 18-Sep-2008

#9 No Jihad 18-Sep-2008

#10 Kevin 18-Sep-2008
Did you see how Obama chose his running mate?

#11 Kevin 18-Sep-2008
Not too proud of the quality of this one, but you see where I was going with it, right?

#12 Brian C. Ledbetter 18-Sep-2008
By the way, do you have a website you'd like to plug, [i]No Jihad?[/i] I'd love to link you in at the top of the page.

Kev, love the last two! (though the VP one's a bit creepy ;) ) Keep up the great work!

I'm gonna see if I can throw out another one here in a little bit. Y'all are having too much fun!

#13 No Jihad 18-Sep-2008
Thanks for the plug, but no site and no avatar!
#14 Brian C. Ledbetter 18-Sep-2008
Fair enough—You're doing an awesome job! I look forward to seeing more :)

#15 Kevin 18-Sep-2008
The Democrats have often been viewed as weak on defense. Barack says this is no longer true. "We have teeth now! Lots and lots of teeth."

#16 Kevin 18-Sep-2008
[i]Thanks for the plug, but no site and no avatar![/i]

And No Jihad :)
#17 Brian C. Ledbetter 18-Sep-2008
@Kevin—Now that's just creepy. ;)
#18 Kevin 18-Sep-2008
Ok last one. I may be going too far.

My next door neighbor got a tattoo!

Sorry about this one. Srsly.
#19 captainfish 18-Sep-2008
THat is seriously hilarious.
#20 No Jihad 18-Sep-2008
Great job on the Barack Reich image! Here’s two more:


#21 William Teach 19-Sep-2008

I also have a very evil kool aid related idea I will work on later this evening. Doing some traveling today
#22 sickboy 19-Sep-2008

#23 Bohemian 20-Sep-2008
Not photoshops but I want to play too!



#24 No Jihad 20-Sep-2008
#25 DMartyr 21-Sep-2008
I didn't make any of these. I don't have time to photoshop a picture, so I'll just post a few I've stumbled upon around the net:

#26 Cletus 22-Sep-2008
I'm surprised nobody's posted this yet

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