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It's A Mystery: Increase in Unlicensed Drivers?

Gee, I couldn't come up with a logical explanation for stories like this if I tried as hard as I could:

There has been a 700 percent increase in the number of unlicensed driver tickets issued in the Town of Herndon in the last five years, even though the number of licensed drivers in the town has stayed about the same.

According to police Lt. Jeff Coulter, the Herndon Police Department issued 106 tickets for the offense of driving without a license in 2002. At the end of 2007, that number had increased to 756.

You can thank Gerry Connolly and the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors for their complete inaction with respect to our ballooning illegal alien population, which has resulted in this 700% increase in license-less (and presumably insurance-less) drivers.

After all, if you don't enforce the law, why in the heck would you expect that anyone would actually follow it!

That's the kind of change Gerry wants to bring to Congress, folks.

For a free bonus fact and hint as to what could be causing this incident, be sure to read on beyond the fold!
"The majority of these people are people who are not eligible or able to get a license in the state of Virginia, or probably any other state," Coulter said.




#1 captainfish 18-Sep-2008
ummm... KANGAROOS!!

Did I guess right?
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