The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Thank You, Matlock!

With such in-depth logic and reasoning as this, how can any of we Kuf'r not embrace Islam with all our hearts?

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Persons like rushdi and any other who tries to dimolish religious norsm of any relegion, should not be given shelter in any country. These persons should be handed over to the contry whom they are culprits.

For the record, I'm never the type who likes to dimolish religious norsm.



#1 captainfish 18-Sep-2008
So, all those muslims that are who trying to dimolsh khristian norsm should be handled over to the USA contry?

How about all dose Socialist, Liberals, Kommies, and Lefties who want to dimolishi the Christn religin norsm in this contri?

I like your take on this. We should do this right away! Throw em to the gators!! It will kill all the evil gators and rid the world of evil humans.
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