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Ironic Ad Placement

I found this ad in the most improbable of places. It was linked to Obama's 'support Israel' page, which included video from his AIPAC speech.

Click for full screenshot and see where I found this ad.

What the link at Obama's site does not mention is that Obama later "explained" what he really meant about Jerusalem. Video below the fold.



#1 Mongol 19-Sep-2008
"How to burn thru MANY millions in FEW days and have nothing to show for it or an example what I'd do with your money if I were elected."
starring Mr. Zero at a theatre new you
#2 captainfish 19-Sep-2008
Of course he won't compromise his vision and the security of Israel. He already has. Besides, his vision for Israel is that there is no Israel. Can't compromise on Israel when there is no Israel.
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