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CNN's Commitment to Equality

CNN is genuinely fair and balanced, says anchor Rick Sanchez. The proof?

Negative stories aired about B. Hussein Obama: 54 [corrected: Thanks, Ken!]
Negative stories aired about Sarah "Cooties" Palin: 22

See? 54 is bigger than 22.

That ought to convince all of us neanderthal conservatives about how pure and holy CNN's dedication to being fair is.**Oh wait, I reckon I did neglect to share one key detail with you, didn't I?

Obama has been campaigning for 19 months, during which those 54 stories were generated. Which makes for roughly (54 [ed.] stories / 82 weeks) a [Ed.:—little over a] half of a negative story per week.

Sarah Palin, as you'll recall, was announced three weeks ago, which means she's up to (22 stories / 3 weeks) 7.3 negative stories per week—Which rounds to roughly one negative story PER DAY.

Rick, your dedication to fairness is certainly inflated. Much like your ego.

(Thanks to HD1200 for the amusement.)

Update: Ken Shepherd of Newsbusters has confirmed via e-mail that Rick Sanchez made these remarks at 3:30 yesterday afternoon. The exact quote?

"For the record, CNN has aired 22 reports from Alaska about Sarah Palin. We've aired 54 reports from Chicago about Obama, his minister, and other stories."

Thanks for the update, Ken! That's definitely a video I'd love to see. I bet the "smarm" just pours off the screen!

Ha! Fellow AoS'er Hermit Dave chimes in with some proper perspective on the matter:

It's all relative to what the person can take. Barry is so hapless and thin-skinned that asking him anything harder than "Are you the greatest or what?" is considered a negatve question. Meanwhile, Palin is so tough that anything easier than "Are you willing to admit to being a power-hungry Christofacist?" is considered a positive question.

See how that works?

I see it, indeed. Thanks for the brilliant insight, HD!



#1 Cletus 23-Sep-2008
I've heard Rick Sanchez refer to Obama as "Our Candidate" while he was "reporting" the "news".

Rick Sanchez is a joke and a douche
#2 Ace of Spades HQ 23-Sep-2008
And he's got proof....
#3 airedale 23-Sep-2008
You should do some additional analysis on the numbers. I'll bet most of the negative stories they are counting are early on when HRC was the queen bee. I'll bet they have substantially tapered off to almost nothing as they switched allegiance to the anointed one.
#4 Crush Liberalism 23-Sep-2008
Great grab by Snapped Shot.
CNN is genuinely fair and balanced, says anchor Rick Sanchez. The proof?
Negative stories aired about B. Hussein Obama: 43
Negative stories aired about Sarah “Cooties” Palin: 22
See? 43 is bigger than 22.
That se...
#5 Keith Arnold 23-Sep-2008
I don't suppose this guy has a comparison for candidates FOR THE SAME OFFICE tucked away in his back pocket, does he? For example, negative stories about Obama versus those about MCCAIN - or negative stories about Palin versus those about BIDEN?

I mean, I know Obama thinks he's running against Bush and against Palin, as those seem to be his primary targets these days - but aren't journalists supposed to be a little more, you know, fact-based?

... I'm sorry, I forgot we were talknig about CNN. As kids these days say, "my bad."
#6 Rick Sanchez 23-Sep-2008
Fractions and long division are hard!
#7 Brian C. Ledbetter 23-Sep-2008
#8 skh.pcola 23-Sep-2008
There is a vast difference between negative stories about Sarahcuda and negative stories about "Øbama, his minister, and other stories." Especially considering that the stories about "his minister and other" crap were undoubtedly hatchet jobs on said subjects to separate dØhBama from the nastiness.
#9 Adrian 23-Sep-2008
It's bull. Just today, any comment i tried to make on the Cafferty blogs that were negative about Obama were blocked. "Waiting for Moderation", and never posted. While other bloggers were calling Palin a "bitch". CNN is a crock. Communist News Network
#10 captainfish 23-Sep-2008
"CNN is a crock. Communist News Network "

AMEN to that. I have been finished with that network long ago. It is amazing to hear the level of brain-washing that comes out from that network.
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