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Celebrate Diversity: Proper Behavior on Ramadan

A homeless man in Brussels was beaten to a pulp this past Friday. His assailants were arrested and will presumably be charged with assault and battery soon, but what's genuinely shocking is the reasoning behind the attack.

You see, the two assailants were Muslim men, who when walking by in the street, became enraged that this homeless man had the sheer audacity to drink during Ramadan.

In a (presumably) non-Muslim country!

According to eyewitness accounts, "The father started screaming at him that he had 'no right to drink during Ramadan,'" which doesn't sound all that "peaceful" or "tolerant" to me.

Then again, we Christians are always the ones that Islamists and their allies on the Left think are at fault. I guess that's what we deserve for trying to be all "helpful" and stuff.

(h/t Pastorius; Slightly graphic picture at link)



#1 syn 24-Sep-2008
They probably thought the homeless person was a 'creationists'.
#2 Cletus 24-Sep-2008
Hey Brian, you got a shout out over at Jihad Watch. How does it feel to be in the presence of champions?
#3 Tina 25-Sep-2008
Not eating all day can certainly effect ones pyschologically. People get angry when they goes so long without food.
Ramadan should be against the law.
#4 Pirate's Cove 25-Sep-2008
Say, what is the proper behavior during Ramadan? snapped shot has the answer.
#5 captainfish 25-Sep-2008
I say extend the Ramadan for at least 6 months.

What do you want to bet that they get away with it due to religious reasons, or they were forced to do it because they were insulted by the presence of food and vagrancy, or they were only acting as a common citizen cleaning up the street and the guy would not be arrested quietly. Or, the judge is also a muslim.
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