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Say It Ain't So Joe!

HARTFORD, Conn. - Connecticut Democrats, angry that Sen. Joe Lieberman is campaigning for the Republican presidential candidate and criticizing his own party's nominee, agreed Wednesday to circulate a resolution to censure the veteran politician but won't consider acting on it until after Election Day.

The state party's central committee [Ed: Boy, if that does not tell you who runs the Democrat Party....] Wednesday agreed to send copies of the resolution to every Democratic town committee in the state. The resolution condemns Lieberman for speaking at the Republicans' convention and backing John McCain. [GASP!]
"When we have someone who is our elected senator, as a Democrat, standing in front of not only a national, but an international audience [Ed: We need to stop letting internationals vote for who is the best dressed at our conventions], speaking in support of Sen. McCain, it was the final straw for me personally," said Audrey Blondin, a 30-year party veteran who helped to put together the resolution.

That's funny. I thought the [strike]Socialist[/strike] Democrat party was the party that supported rights of all individuals (except the unborn ones, of course). Also, isn't he an INDEPENDENT? Meaning that he does not behold himself to any party?

More lunacy from the left follows...
The resolution says Lieberman's actions are "extraordinary disloyalty to countless Connecticut Democrats [Ed: well, I'm sorry, but you are going to have to count them if there is going to be personalized apology letters sent out with promises to never, ever do it again. Pinky swear!] without whom his career as an elected official would never have been possible" and calls on state Democrats to ask him to resign from the party.
"Our point is not that Joe should in some way be prohibited from supporting McCain or speaking at the National Republican Convention. That's not the issue," Blondin said. "The issue is, he's a Democrat. And Joe, in our opinion, needs to reconsider membership in our party."

Well, real people have never thought that the most brilliant people were Democrats. If you can't attack with facts, just make s**t up! Wonder what they thought of Democrats who voted for Pres Reagan? Heck, wonder what they would do to Democrats who voted for Pres Bush (either)?

And this is the modern day Demo-Socio-Marxio (sp? going with the flow) party? But yet, people are Sheettle.

Lieberman's response...

Lieberman, speaking earlier Wednesday to a radio station, said that he was surprised by the move to censure him. "Honestly, I thought that was the kind of thing that happened only in the former Soviet Union.

Joe says: "Screw you!"

Hey Joe. Wake Up!! Your party, excuse me, the [strike]Democrat[/strike] Socialist party that you were a party to previously, HAS already brought the USSR to America. Talk about out of touch? But then, that is what happens to you when you become one of ... THEM. For Joe, it is just going to take more time for it to wear off now that he is out.


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