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Clay Aiken Insists He's Gay, No One Believes Him

In a bizarre grasp at another 15 minutes of fame, Clay Aiken has come out of the closet so-to-speak. However, some believe it is simply impossible for such a man-hunk to play for the other team.

"It's true!" Aiken screeched to anyone who would listen. After a brief hissy fit, he dropped to his knees and demanded an opportunity to prove his gayness:

Nice try there, Clay. But I have damning evidence to the contrary. If you're really gay, how do you explain...


I rest my case, your Honor.



#1 captainfish 25-Sep-2008
Whew, my reaction to that last pic proves I am not gay.
#2 Cletus 25-Sep-2008
Clay Aiken? Gay? I never woulda thunk it
#3 Kevin 25-Sep-2008
I used to hang out with him a lot. One night we got drunk and Clay said, "Let's get some male prostitutes!" He picked one up, but it was obvious that he was a [i]she[/i].

That dude is a closet heterosexual if there ever was one.
#4 captainfish 27-Sep-2008
Kevin and Clay, sitting in a tree......
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