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Sharia Compliant: Welcome to the Real World


When a religious leader stood before a hotel roomfull [sic] of Muslims four years ago and endorsed investment in a Chicago real-estate developer as complying with Islamic law, businessman Nadeem Sharafi decided to invest. [Ed: Yeah, we all know how imams and muftis have that natural Allah Muhammad-given ability in successful financing]

Little did he know that his efforts to use his money according to Islamic guidelines and avoid earning interest would lead him and his wife to lose more than $115,000, Sharafi said. [Ed: Bwahahahahahaha! Score, the Great Satan 1, Muhammad 0.]

Sunrise's Web site says the company developed close to 100 residential units in Chicago and was working on an additional 250 units. The Shariah Board said it approved Sunrise because Ibrahim was not giving interest on people's investments, but rather a profit over time. Islamic law bans Muslims from collecting interest on money. [Ed: Eh, no it doesn't. Another ignorant misconception passed down through 14 centuries of brainwashing.]

Whoops! I guess Allah Muhammad should have mentioned the golden rule of profiteering: "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

What was that, Mohammed - I mean - Nadeem? Your little scheme to get rich using the Great Satan's freedoms and financial investments failed? Maybe you should move back to an Islamic country where you can use all the Sharia compliant investments and regain all the money the Infidel world so cruelly made you earn? Too bad you can't just attack innocent non-Muslims and steal what they have earned, as your beloved Profit [sic] Muhammad did.

Reading between the lines:

"We're Muslims," [Ed - Translation: We're not filthy kuffar!] said Sharafi, 60. "We heard the word of the mufti or ulemma, [Ed: We are incapable of thinking for ourselves so we depend on Islamic 'scholars' to guide us through every aspect of our lives (after all, why wouldn't a mufti be a financial expert? Allah Muhammad guides him!),] that this is right, [Ed: Muhammad would have approved,] that there's no harm in it, [Ed: Except to stupid infidels who pay interest,] so we started doing it. [Ed: Financial Jihad!!!!]"

Question: Are these the same 'muftis' who say it is okay to rape infidel women, steal from Western governments, marry little girls, and kill apostates? And you're surprised they told you Allah Muhammad would have approved your little sharia-for-profit-not-interest scam?

It serves you right for exploiting the Infidel's financial system for your own gain.



#1 captainfish 25-Sep-2008
[i]Salman Azam, an attorney hired by several investors, said Sunrise's Chief Executive Officer Salman Ibrahim has not been seen since August. Amjed Mahmood, declined to comment, saying he had been a vice president in the company and the "corporation had gone down." He said he lost $500,000 and was now driving a taxi.[/i]

hahahahaahahahahahaaa. Yeah, sounds like someone else made off with the interest....... and the funds. But hey, thanks for giving money to America. Keep bringing that oil money back to us.
#2 Cletus 25-Sep-2008
Here's a tip for Mr. Sharafi:


tell all your little buddies over in bumfuckistan
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