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"I've Got A Bracelet Too!"

Stainless Steel Memorial Bracelet - $17.99

Cost of training a U.S. Soldier - $250,000

Iraq War Cost to Date - $580,000,000,000

Barack Hussein "No Middle Name" Obama not remembering the name on the bracelet he's supposedly worn since February - Priceless.

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Michelle MalkinSorry, I couldn't resist making this:



#1 God Bless America 27-Sep-2008
What a nasty old phoney McSame is. And don't get me started on that ditzy fundie wackjob Palin.
#2 Kevin 27-Sep-2008
I know! They are almost as bad as the slimy America hating Obama and that whackjob Biden!
#3 captainfish 27-Sep-2008
who's biden?

I saw the video. And to me, it sounded like a kindergarten battle. "Well, I got one too, but mine is bigger".

What a poser.

Hey, GBA. Nice to hear from ya. If we were to call Obama "nasty" what would have been your response? Would you have called us racist?
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