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Spongebob Squarepant's Friend Deported

Hey, did I beat Digger on this story. Well, ok, I am borrowing the story from Fox News who "borrowed" it from CRap.

A Ukrainian man who pleaded guilty to fondling a customer on the Boardwalk while dressed as a cartoon character could be deported.
Mokrishchev was arrested in August on charges that he fondled a 9-year-old girl, two teenage girls and a 32-year-old woman while dressed as Patrick Star, a character from the "SpongeBob SquarePants" TV show.

Wow, and I thought that Spongebob and Patrick were gay? So, this has to be a setup. Why? Because we are prejudiced against Ukranian immigrants from the south. Am sure glad the city was on the forefront of catching this illegal. If he was here on a VISA, then we obviously have some issues with our background checks.

Mokrishchev was licensed to work the Boardwalk as a street performer and the girls and woman were posing for pictures with him. He pleaded guilty to one charge and prosecutors dropped other charges, including assault.

Well, guess not. Can we say that Ocean City, MD is a sanctuary city? I mean, didn't he have to show ID in order to get a license to molest? And, why drop the assault charge? Why drop the higher level charge among others and only charge him with simple impermissible touching?

However, it appears that this incident occurred more than a month ago. He was due to serve up to 10 years in jail due to the serious nature of the offenses, but, since Ocean City appears to be full of idiots, they only gave him a 28 day sentence on one minor charge. Mokrishchev could also face violation of copyright. He better look out!!

The investigation also revealed Mokrishchev did not have permission from the trademark department of Nickelodeon Networks to represent the Patrick Star character.

However, no investigation seems to have been conducted to determine how he got into the country. Who wants to bet that he is not deported?



#1 Cletus 27-Sep-2008
Wow, I was way off. Here I was figuring they just preferred Hispanic illegals, but it turns out they don't have racial preferences after all, they just want illegals, period
#2 Kevin 27-Sep-2008
Before you go off the rails here, ask yourself one question: Do you really want to live in a country where illegal aliens dressing up in a cartoon costume and fondling women on a boardwalk is against the law?

That's not the America I know.
#3 Gordon 27-Sep-2008
I can't believe you would insinuate that Spongebob and Patrick are gay. Spongebob has canned more tuna than Starkist.

Ditto Kevin.
#4 captainfish 27-Sep-2008
Well you know Kevin,

This is the land of the free. Land of promises and where anything is possible.

Are we being judgmental when a starfish can't even try some cross-species lovin'?

Or, should we follow the example of biologists who oppose invasive species?
#5 Pirate's Cove 28-Sep-2008

Happy Sunday! You know where I am going with this pinup, right? It is an oldy by Gil Elvgren, with a bit of help from Patriotic Pup.
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