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We're All Gonna Die!!!

Last year, 2007, some really smart galacticly inspired British "scientist" said that if we kept breathing out CO2, we would kill half of all species on Earth. And, they predicted that it would not take much of an increase at that. We were on the precipice of DOOM! DOOM I tell ya!

When CO2 levels rise and the planet heats up, species die out; when CO2 levels fall and the planet cools down, life flourishes once more. That's how nature's worked for the last half-billion years, say British scientists -- and to make it worse, predicted future temperatures are comparable to those associated with global mass extinctions.

"The first clear evidence that global climate may explain substantial variation in the fossil record in a simple and consistent manner," said University of York ecologist Peter Mayhew, a co-author of the Proceedings of the Royal Society B study. "If our results hold for current warming - the magnitude of which is comparable with the long-term fluctuations in Earth climate - they suggest that extinctions will increase.โ€

Even us publicly schooled drop-outs know that when the world gets covered in ice hundreds of feet thick during world-wide ice ages, species flourish. Cause, what species doesn't like living off of nothing but cold and ice.
" climate may explain substantial variation in the fossil record".......can you say, DUH!!

But, good news is on the horizon. This time from a International Arctic Research Center.

Recent studies by the Hadley Climate Research Center (UK), the Japan Meteorological Agency, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the University of East Anglia (UK) and the University of Alabama Huntsville show clearly that the rising trend of global average temperature stopped in 2000-2001.

Wait, if it stopped in 2001, then why are we all gonna die? If they were telling us as recently as 2007 and even now (even McCain is staying we got to stop global warming), then could this all have been a lie? Or are we still going to die horrible, miserable, in-the-frying-pan deaths? Or, should we stop listening to over-blown, over-hyped, celebrity scientists like AlGore?

Unfortunately, many scientists appear to forget that weather and climate also are controlled by nature, as we witness weather changes every day and climate changes in longer terms.

School-em' buddy boy!! Who would have ever thought to consider that climate might have something to do with the weather? Ha, what next? The sun controls the brightness in the sky? Preposterous!

The stopping of the rise in global average temperature after 2000-2001 indicates that the hypothesis and prediction made by the IPCC need serious revision. I have been suggesting during the last several years that there are at least two natural components that cause long-term climate changes.

The first is the recovery (namely, warming) from the Little Ice Age, which occurred approximately 1800-1850. The other is what we call the multi-decadal oscillation. In the recent past, this component had a positive gradient (warming) from 1910 to 1940, [Ed: remember the Dust Bowl during the 30's?] a negative gradient (cooling โ€” many Fairbanksans remember the very cold winters in the 1960s) from 1940 to 1975 [Ed: remember the cold winters and the doomsday scientists predicting another ice age?], and then again a positive gradient (warming โ€” many Fairbanksans have enjoyed the comfortable winters of the last few decades or so) from 1975 to about 2000. The multi-decadal oscillation peaked around 2000, and a negative trend began at that time.

The second component has a large amplitude and can overwhelm the first, and I believe that this is the reason for the stopping of the temperature rise. Since CO2 has only a positive effect, the new trend indicates that natural changes are greater than the CO2 effect, as I have stated during the last several years.

Whew! I feel better now. Who would have thought that the fall and rise of temperatures were all just part of nature? See, I believed the scientists when they told me that the reason it gets warmer during the daylight hours is because of all the factories and cars starting up and moving about. Then, the reason it gets cooler at night is because everyone goes home and shuts down their businesses. [Ed: Update: See, told ya!!]

Made perfect sense to me. Thus, the more people driving around, the more businesses we create, the more we kill our planet. If we could just not drive and not operate any businesses we could all survive nice and happy. Granted, then we would have to worry about how many of us could be authorized to have campfires. Those are planet-killers too, after all.

But, now that I know it is all natural, and that things like this happened even before man and machine infested this Earth, I can finally stop taking the anxiety drugs.

Now, if we could only convince the uber-geniuses in Congress before they throw away all of our money trying to fool Mother Nature.


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