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Mark Warner's Idea of Unity

When he's out in public, he may sound all nice and stuff, but who would've guessed that behind closed doors amongst friendly faces, Mark Warner is nothing more than another barking moonbat?

Memo to the Rt. Hon. Governor:—I'm a Christian, and I vote. Got a problem with that, sir?

(h/t Bearing Drift via Mason Conservative)

It occurs to me to add: To the one I will now refer to as the laughable dunce, Virginia's Coalition Governor, I might point out that those "scary" Christians that he's so frightened of have been here in Virginia for nearly 400 years before his arrival. So it doesn't really seem all that absurd to me that some of said Christians might want to have a say in how this Commonwealth is governed.

Of course, if this concept scares Virginia's Coalition Governor too much, I'd be more than happy to point him in the direction of New England, where he would probably be happier.

Since they're all "progressive" up there.

By which I mean "bankrupt."

Since that's where "progressive" policies always end up.


BVBL, I'm Surrounded By Idiots (he must live here in Fairfax)



#1 captainfish 08-Oct-2008

Talk about a total wack-job. He is "scared" of Christians, NRA and people who believe children should be allowed to live???

Talk about a total freak. But then, he is a Democrat right? He fears Christian's tolerance, love, tolerance, morality, belief in laws and God, and our ability to live peaceably amongst others.... compared to liberals, freaks, druggies, Islamic extremists, terrorists, .... and Democrats - people who do not believe normal people should have rights.

He is the type of person and beliefs that we should be afraid of.
#2 Timothy Watson 09-Oct-2008
Nope, I live in Caroline County. :)
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