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Shocka: Horribly Biased Blogger Thinks Sarahcuda Won

The blogger in question would, of course, be me.

I think Sarah Palin performed quite admirably in last night's debate. She was on top of the topics in question (even though none of the questions dealt with her Energy expertise). She was quick to point out lies and misstatements by Biden (Ace has posted a helpful list, in case you missed them - though I'm having problems loading sites at the moment). It was quite a fantastic night for the GOP.

Of course, Biden's surgically-enhanced forehead and $80,000 smile definitely didn't help boost his "of the people" image.

Unless your average economically-oppressed American thrives on Botox these days, that is.

Via IMAO, a laugh:

Nuke the moon. Pull Joe's plugs.

What will those wacky IMAO guys do next?


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