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Remember, Kids: Indoctrination Starts at School

What your children are learning about history in America's public school system will probably surprise you. (h/t SmoothStone)

The authors found textbooks that stated or suggested:

I invite you to join me in an alternate world, one in which Christianity is afforded the same "respect" that these textbooks currently give to Islam. Imagine, if you will, the outrage that would be pouring out towards the school system if this is what was in the textbooks.
Today's textbooks promote the idea that:

Think my "mythical" (yet oddly fact-filled) textbook would last long in our schoolrooms?



#1 Cletus 04-Oct-2008
you should pull urban guerilla missions, breaking into schools at night and altering all the history text books
#2 Smooth 05-Oct-2008
Thanks for picking up the link, Brian, I really appreciate it - and kudos on your being picked up by JihadWatch! Congratulations! :D
#3 captainfish 08-Oct-2008

This is news to you? I learned this a long time ago! I watch the tv news alot.
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