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Why They Call Her a "Pitbull With Lipstick"

Sarah Palin doing what McCain failed to do.

(Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit)[Update] - Just for those Obama supporters scouring the internet to spread their pro-Obama lies, suck on these:

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#1 forest 05-Oct-2008
The NYT article was right on the money. Ayers and Obama "crossed paths" a few times, and that's it.

I "cross paths" with strangers who are kicking off their political campaigns in my living room all the time. I get out of the shower, walk down the stairs, and bam! There they are having a cocktail party in my house!

Sometimes I just happen to randomly hire the same stranger to do work for me and occasionally sit next on me on the board of my foundation too. Complete coincidence. I swear it. I barely know the guy, but I'm pretty sure he completely disagrees with my political views, although I'm equally sure he's completely unaware of my past crimes and political views, but if he did know about them, he'd surely object once he was running for national office.
#2 DMartyr 05-Oct-2008
The NYT is pro-Obama and has even gone as far as attempting to protect him from "smears."

They have failed to properly research the issue.
#3 DMartyr 05-Oct-2008
Not to mention Obama's involvement with ACORN.

If you want someone with terrorist ties, someone whose pastor hates America, someone whose wife isn't proud to be an American, someone involve with organizations that promote voter fraud, someone linked by party to those responsible for our current economic crisis, vote Obama.

If you want a true American patriot, who will put his country before his politics, vote McCain.
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