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Bailout Supporting Terrorists?

Infidel Blogger explores the possibility that the U.S. taxpayers will be supporting Sharia financing under the Bailout plan:

...the current financial crisis will allow Islamist nations to buy "up engines of our capital markets for pennies on the dollar," and "[w]orse yet, they are, in the process, putting themselves in a position to promote Shariah-Compliant Finance and the seditious theo-political agenda it serves."

Sharia finance is not just "business." Sharia finance exists to promote an expansionist, supremacist ideology; it is not merely "business," but is "business with an agenda."

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#1 captainfish 05-Oct-2008

Now, instead of illegal organizations like ACORN getting tax payer millions, now Sharia Islamists will as well?

You know, it would seem to me that a prerequisite of receiving bail-out money would be that they divest as much as they can in order to maintain liquidity before they get assistance. Just like the rest of us.

If we go to bankruptcy court, a judge would not let us keep our expensive house and cars, our boats and townhomes, while still demanding government assistance.

I am pissed that so many Republicans supported this socialist measure akeover.
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