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Commenting Problems

Just to let everyone know, I'm having an issue with my own posts which isn't allowing comments without a password. This seems to be a problem with the editor.

I've contacted Brian about it, so hopefully everything will be back to normal soon. If you wanted to comment, please check back.


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#1 Cletus 05-Oct-2008
this was happening to me with some of cap'nfish's posts, but it doesn't seem to be any longer
#2 DMartyr 05-Oct-2008
Yeah, Captain helped me out with this.

I upgraded to Firefox 3 today, so the best I can guess is that the editor was auto-filling the password box, which I usually ignore.

For now, I'll have to remember to manually blank out the pw box.
#3 DMartyr 05-Oct-2008
(Actually, it was Captain's guess about the auto-fill)

Whatever the problem, I BLAME BRIAN!

#4 Brian C. Ledbetter 05-Oct-2008
What password box? I've never seen a password box on the Comments form...

And duh, of COURSE it's my fault! :)

#5 DMartyr 05-Oct-2008
I emailed you about it, Brian.

On the editing page, there's a password box in the "Extended properties for entries" section. I never bothered with it before. But now with this problem, I wonder if it auto-filled my pw.

If I blank it out and update the post, all seems well.
#6 Brian C. Ledbetter 05-Oct-2008
Try clearing your browser's cache and private data. That ought to clear it up.

(You'll have to log back in, of course...)
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