The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Happy Monday, Y'all!

It feels really weird to be back in my office, but alas, I had definitely missed slumming around here behind Ye Olde Desk.

And what would you know, it seems that Pakistan has sent a welcoming committee, to boot.

I'm touched!



#1 captainfish 08-Oct-2008
This this looks like a Weekend at Bernie's photo moment.

The guy in yellow looks like he is dead and is only being propped up. Guy in white next to him looks like he thought this was the line to the buffet and is only going through the motions believing doing so will gain him an extra plate of food. he has obviously not missed the buffet lines in the bereaved tribal areas of Pakistan.

And WHO THE HECK is on the other side of the dead guy? IT'S THE DEVIL!!!!! Its what the devil looks like without the red suit. Still can't miss his red hair and beard. Or, is he an Irish-Pakistani Muslim?

And please, someone get the guy in blue some deodorant!!!

So, these guys are wanting Bush out of Pakistan in order to protect their god-given rights that all Pakistanis in the love-filled tribal areas are comprised of?

The reason the areas are called "tribal" means that the area is lawless and the only rights you have are what you can kill for.

America is the country, the only country, that is fighting to protect you from terrorists who want to keep you away from buffet lines!!!
#2 captainfish 08-Oct-2008
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