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Race Baiting 101

Words and phrases no longer acceptable in American society. If you use them, you are a RACIST!

that one
palling with terrorists
negotiate unconditionally
Rev. Wright
hard-working Americans (that's code for white racists)

And BTW, if you don't vote for Barack Hussein "The One" Obama, you are a RACIST!

A lesson in Race Baiting:

How about a$$hole? Would that be diversely correct? I bet there are at least two Obama supporters at this table, and I'm not referring to skin color...

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#1 captainfish 13-Oct-2008
Why is it ok for Democrats and Liberals to be racist? Why is it ok for them to hate so many people?

And yet, for us to characterize their policies is racist now.

but you see, that is not what astounds me. What astounds me is the media's insistence that the Dems are right. These media folk are supposedly the most learned people in America?

I know the media are in cahoots with the Socialist party, but you think they would be offended by pretending to be so utterly stupid and ignorant.
#2 Kevin 14-Oct-2008
You said 'astounds', Cap'n. Coming from a conservative mouth, that word is racist.

Quit being so racist!
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