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RED ALERT: China Faked Spacewalk?

Wouldn't be too surprising, seeing how well China fakes building actual merchandise. This tip comes in from Helmut Blankenbehler, and I've got to say, it's pretty darn convincing.

Unless "outer space" has suddenly developed a deep sea, that is.

There's a full write-up of the evidence here, if you're interested.

Update: Lawhawk helpfully points out that I misread "Spacewalk" as "Moonwalk."




#1 captainfish 13-Oct-2008
Agree. Fake. The bubble from the helmet was a bubble. To me, the other "bubbles" look like debris. Normal for spacewalks. The flag event looked like it was a reverse of what happened under water.

And, yes, the clouds do move that fast as your USA video confirms. And, as when you are in synchronous orbit, you match earth. And with clouds moving, it was not a static image. And, the clarity of the image is not proof as they could have a much better communication link than we do. The articles already stated that the video cut out and it was choppy as well.

And, I am not too sure about the lamps. Are we sure that the space vehicle DID NOT have the lamps? Would China be smart enough to install lamps on their vehicle in order to give light to the spacewalkers on the dark side?
#2 Skul 14-Oct-2008
Reminds me of several EVA's the US did over the decades.
Nothing fake there. I'm not into conspiracy stuff. Yes, folks, we did go to the moon, give it rest.
Nope, not a bubble. Just debris. Seen that stuff on many EVAs in the past.
Consider this CA. If that object had been moving at an angle toward the camera, what would the apparent speed seem to do? Speed up, correct?
#3 captainfish 14-Oct-2008
Come on Skul... all china stuff is fake. You know that right?

They can't even make real milk.
#4 DMartyr 14-Oct-2008
Okay, I grew up watching "spacewalks". My father was a part of the NASA team that sent up many rockets during the 60's space race.

Here are a few abnormalities I'm seeing:

1. The article mentioned bubbles. Space debris can appear to look like bubbles, and vice versa. Not to mention, there is a condensation build-up on equipment freshly introduced in space. Just google "Apollo UFO footage". Like the 'bubbles' in the video, debris will move incredibly fast in space, since the ship is essentially hurling through space. The article accounts for this by suggesting a "wave-blower" used to simulate space.

What I notice straight away is the trouble the astronaut is having with his security harness. It's trying to float up! (from the video perspective) He keep pushing it down. In space, it only takes a small amount of force to change the course of an object. Pushing an object - even a gentle push - would send it in that direction. But a "wave-blower" would have maintained the pressure of sending it upward.

2. The bubble at 5:50, coming from the astronauts chest area, rolling upward along his face shield and then up off the screen - definitely a bubble. Had this been in space, the bubble would have changed course upon hitting the shield, not continued around until it could float upward.

During the early 80's, local channels in Florida would carry the Shuttle walks at night. I remember watch the astronauts manipulating objects and bolts, making them float beside the repair area until the astronaut needed them. These bubbles are not responding to the same forces.

I was going to sit here and go through the video point by point, but that was a clincher for me.


#5 DMartyr 14-Oct-2008
I just noted a flaw in my own argument. A bubble will not fly off a moving or stationary ship, but rather hang along with the vehicle going at the same speed. It would require some sort of propulsion, such as a booster blast (which is the case in many Apollo & shuttle videos), to send it flying off in any direction.

The fact the "bubble" shot away from astronaut indicates to me one of three things: 1)some sort of space vehicle propulsion (which is unlikely during a walk), 2) gravity (definitely not likely in space), or 3) its a bubble, underwater.
#6 Richard Macgurn 12-Apr-2009
Definitely a fake space walk. I watched the entire 19 minutes frame by frame with my CS3 film editor and found lots of bubbles and lots of digitally edited sections where bubbles were removed. The big giveaway is the buoyancy of the tether lines and the way the flag moves. Besides that it's easy to fake something like this in a NBL, just remove the extra blue tinge, and presto!

Did you also see this newer video?

As for the "lamps" - if you watch all 19 minutes of the "walk" you see several reverse angle shots which show the 2 cameras used and no lighting. The "lamps" are from way overhead as in a typical NBL lighting setup.
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