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Presidential Debate #2: Fun and Follies

I'll be liveflogging the debate over on Twitter this evening, and will probably be joining the Brotherly Band (of Morons) for the festivities as well. Here's to hoping that John McCain uses some of his characteristic anger for a change, and doesn't try to play bipartisan for the cameras.

Bipartisanship works fine in the Senate, I suppose, but Americans prefer to make a choice between two distinct parties.

Which requires, you know, an actual "distinction" between the two.

Long and short? Obama stumbled on the issues a lot. His "plan" for fixing our economy REEKS of Soviet-style central planning, byzantine Government programs, and Fines! Fines! Fines! for anyone who has the audacity to go against the HOPE that only HE can bring. His "plan" for "winning" (even though he didn't use exactly that word) the "War on Terror" was for us to UNILATERALLY INVADE PAKISTAN, which I might add, is a NUCLEAR-ARMED NATION.

To make matters worse, he telegraphed his plan in front of the entire world.

Which is definitely a "diplomatic no-no."

A sure-fire sign that Obama is a neophyte that has no business entering the White House.

Speaking of which, would you be comfortable with an Obambi presidency, given that this jackass will undoubtedly become a "frequent visitor" to the Lincoln Bedroom?

I'm not. And for once, I can comfortably say that it has nothing to do with the color of Obambi's skin.

McCain fumbled on a couple of core Republican issues, but overall was very impressive in how directly he attacked Obama, and how uncomfortable The Chosen One looked after each attack.

I'm saying this was a 1000% McCain win for those very reasons.



#1 DMartyr 08-Oct-2008
I'm getting so disillusioned by McCain. He isn't going for the throat like he needs to.

For example, Obama mentioned McCain's 23 alternative fuel votes over a period of 26 years. That's less than one vote per year.McCain missed a prime opportunity to contrast his 26 years with Obama's 300 days.

McCain should have responded with something like, "That's true, Senator. Over a period of nearly 3 decades I rejected bills filled with pork-barrel spending. In your extensive 300 days, I'm sure you've found worthy bills unacceptable because of wasteful, self-serving projects added..."

McCain just missed so many opportunities.
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