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Rule #1: Christians Have NO Right to "Free Speech"

Shame on anyone who dares to suggest otherwise to our robed elite:

A public school's decision to fold over a portion of a kindergartner's poster to hide an image of Jesus did not violate the youngster's right to free speech, a federal judge has determined.

Antonio Peck's teacher and school principal had "legitimate pedagogical concerns" when deciding to edit the boy's poster for a school display promoting environmental awareness, Northern District of New York Judge Norman A. Mordue ruled in Peck v. Baldwinsville Central School District, 99-cv-1847.

Our public school system simply cannot be bothered by all of this student-initiated religious speech. After all, it distracts from the hours and hours of kindergarten sex-ed and mindless environmentalism that they're trying so hard to preach.

Oh, and speaking of that last part, here's the very next paragraph in the story:

Those valid concerns of Antonio's teacher, Susan Weichert, and the principal, Robert Creme, were that parents at the Catherine McNamara Elementary School in Baldwinsville, outside Syracuse, N.Y., would think Weichert was teaching religion if they saw the image of Jesus on Antonio's poster about ways to protect the environment, according to Mordue.

Mindless. Drivel. Is. All. We. Teach.

We're doomed.

(Belated h/t to Behind Liberal Lines. I complain constantly about living in "Occupied" Fairfax County, Virginia, but I can't even begin to imagine what it'd be like to live as a conservative in Ithaca, New York. Shudder!)



#1 captainfish 08-Oct-2008

[i]"legitimate pedagogical concerns"[/i]

so, now hiding an image of Jesus on a KINDERGARTNER'S poster is more important to the ability and profession of teaching than to the kid's right to free speech and his own religous freedoms.

but then, what else could we expect from this day and age of freedoms and diplomacy being spread by the liberals and socialists.

Anything is free and tolerated as long as it isn't the christians.
#2 Cletus 08-Oct-2008
how is a childs picture of Jesus in any way prosylatizing? how is it "teaching religion"? It's just a picture of Jesus, it's not like he was writing out bible verses.

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