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Prepare For November

What does the Sharia, the Kenyan Massacre, and Barack Hussein "No Middle Name" Obama have in common?

When Kenya's Prime Minister Raila Odinga ran for office last year, he promised radical Muslims that the Sharia would become the law of the land. When he lost the election, he then incited those same Muslims to riot and commit mass murder.

Jerome Corsi, author of The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality, claims he has evidence directly linking Odinga's cousin, Barack Hussein "No Middle Name" Obama, to the radical Islamic agenda and the massive bloodshed that followed the elections.

Corsi was set to show Obama and Odinga have been in direct contact since the senator's visit to Kenya in 2006. He was to claim Obama advised Odinga on campaign strategy and helped him raise money in the U.S. for the Kenya presidential campaign.

Corsi was to report Odinga's 2007 presidential campaign strategy called for exploiting anti-Kikuyu tribal sentiments, claiming victory and charging voter fraud even if the campaign knew the election had been legitimately lost. Odinga, Corsi said, also was willing to fan the flames of ethnic tribal tensions and use violence as a last resort by calling for mass action that led to the destruction of properties, injuries, loss of life and the displacement of over 500,000 Kenyans. The purpose was to compel the Electoral Commission of Kenya to declare him the winner or enable him to declare himself the winner by force.


According to a radio interview with Sean Hannity on October 8th, Corsi has documentation proving Obama used his senatorial office to advise Odinga on his election strategy. Corsi will appear on Hannity & Colmes to submit his full story, along with the documentation. (Tentatively scheduled for Monday, October 13th show, barring any unforeseen delays in travel.)

So, should Obama lose the Presidential election in November, what election "strategy" should we expect?

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