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Sheriff Under Investigation For Using Barack Hussein Obama's Middle Name

Top Missouri Prosecutors and high profile Sheriffs form "Truth Squads" to fight Obama smears and intimidate voters, but when a lone Sheriff uses Barack Hussein Obama's middle name, the Feds step in:

Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott may have more to worry about than just the court of public opinion. Federal investigators are now looking into whether Scott broke the law by campaigning for John McCain.

Officials with the U.S. Office of Special Counsel say they have received so many phone calls from the public that they launched an investigation into Sheriff Scott on Tuesday.

The investigate was instigated by this:

The phone lines lit up at the Lee County Sheriff's Office this morning after Sheriff Mike Scott's comments at the Sarah Palin rally Monday.

In urging voters to choose John McCain in the November election, Scott used Barack Obama's middle name - "Hussein."

Form "Truth Squads" to intimdate voters and violate civil rights, receive a stern letter from the Governor.

Use Obama's middle name "Hussein," you risk a Federal Investigation, fines, and possibly losing your job.

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